Friday, October 24, 2014

What on earth Was the Commoner Thinking

Good God-really 26 miles? Running? I'm crazy.  But here I am in our Nation's capital.  It's not quite as marathon crazy as Chicago was but I guess when you have a country to run there are other distractions.

It started with my favorite terminal-terminal 2 with the candy store.

Remember how cheap this flight was?  Awesome I even upgraded to aisle seats because that is now an upgrade.  

I packed very carefully so I wouldn't have to check my luggage and lose it but they took it from us at the gate in LA even though there were plenty of overhead space available.  

But my Aasics were on my feet and i figured I could buy anything else I might need if the luggage got lost.

Well here's what happened when I sat down based on my Facebook collection

If this guy next to me spills his ice tea on me (again) or on my laptop you will definitely be seeing me on the news.
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Bob Wetter Cough on him. Say sorry I just got back from Africa.
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Therese DiBartolo Phillips Great Idea!!!!!
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Madeline Mariottini Just say to yourself "What would Sophia do?" Or maybe not. Lol
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Therese DiBartolo Phillips Sophia was always like a mini-me!
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Therese DiBartolo Phillips He now has his half filled bottle standing upside down on his little tray table. I'm going to start coughing any moment now.
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Therese DiBartolo Phillips He now has an open can and a wide shaped cup with cranberry juice. This is the most fun ever
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Therese DiBartolo Phillips and.....they are going to the marathon-i'll be behind this guy at every feed station I know it
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Julie Chadwell Fontaine If you'd worn an isolation suit onto the plane I bet you'd have that whole row to yourself! Maybe you can pick one up at walmart for the trip back!
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Therese DiBartolo Phillips i will have to because this guy drove me crazy and I needed a good defense from all of his brightly colored beverages and flying elbow

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Turns out that guy was actually running the marathon and was actually not a young kid but a grown up person.

Embassy Suites said our room wasn't ready so they sent us to the Renaissance where I had an allergic reaction.

But here are some pictures of my day
Umm They haven't been in a really long time.  Someone tell them that please?
Rob bought a Marine Hat that says Ooorah -I think that's what you say

There weren't many photo ops at this expo.  It felt like an armory.  Because it was.  Marines who looked to be either 90 or 12 were working it.  My favorite the Marine who loaded up my bag with packets of hair conditioner like it was Halloween so he could leave his post.  Marines are awesome

We went for a small walk.  Not really site seeing on this city tour-unless its on foot Sunday.  But we went looking for the Whitehouse which we really couldn't find.  Kind of like the time when we lost the Space Needle on our Seattle run.  We found the Washington Monument though.

While DC is not awash in Dunkin as say Chicago or Boston, There is one nearby so of course.
Inspite of being so fragile RGIII for many reasons is my favorite football player.  He plays here.  This is what his stadium looks like
See those spots on that stadium?  That's where he plays and its a dump.  It looks like Oakland Coliseum.  RG3 needs a suitable place to play.  Mr. Obama get on that.

This is a no frills kind of Marathon apparently.  I didn't get to chose a girls version of the giveaway shirt but I never had a brown shirt so it's cool.
I bought a great jacket.  I ate entemans Coffee cake.  I'm looking for pizza tomorrow.  I'm also looking for something to do that won't make me tired but will occupy my mind.

What was I thinking?