Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Commoner and the San Francisco Giants

Even though I spent some time as a hockey fan and even though I LOVE football-I was raised a baseball girl.
Three things save me from going crazy from not living in New York and living here in this strange little town.
First of all -I really like the city of San Francisco.  It's a pretty world class city.  It's beautiful, it has great food, it has culture, it has a great football team and it has the most beautiful baseball stadium in the country.
Everybody who says what should we do in San Francisco -a Giants game ranks right up there with the Golden Gate Bridge.  You don't have to like baseball and you don't have to like the Giants.  But if you go -you will have a great time and guess what?  You will walk out a Giants fan.
So on a day -when my new school kicked butt.  I went to class and was emotionally moved by the biographical presentations of my very young class mates, and I was still exhausted by the marathon and all that it entailed.  The best thing of the day was this.

So in a season where they lost an 11 game lead and played pretty crappy for half of the season.  Baseball showed us one thing

Not all of 2014 sucked. Some of it was pretty good.