Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Commoner is an East Coast Native

When you have been lucky enough to spend the first 35 years of your life on the East Coast you probably have seen all there is to see at least once.  So I don't feel the need to spend time here in DC site seeing.  I have no desire to site see actually.  I have trained 5 months for this race-so no pressure to walk the streets.  I know this kills my California friends but really-I've been here done this.
I walked by the white house to see Barack but I think he wasn't home because he didn't answer the doorbell.

Anyway my attraction to mass transit (blame it on growing up down the block from the Long Island Rail Road) means I will happily sit on the metro and ride it.  It's really beautiful
It functions like BART but it has more routes like the New York City Subway-but look at this station!  It's gorgeous.

So today involves many freak outs.  My calf is tight among other things.  A metro ride to the start-, also a movie with Brad Pitt, and pasta for dinner.

Don't think that I'm relaxing in between eating Entemans Coffee Cake and pasta, I still have a rough draft of an assignment for class and also an article to dissect for my Masters Project.  No rest for the weary.

On a random note-I've noticed tights are in fashion in DC which is awesome because that means when the weather cools down Tights will be in fashion in California.