Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yoga Pants -The Commoner's Favorite Clothing

I'm back with another favorite thing.
I've long given up on finding jeans that fit.  I've found some chords at The Loft but it's exhausting.  I've deciding comfort is the way to go.  In fact if it were socially acceptable I would ensconce myself in active wear.
Not only are these pants comfortable they are pretty flattering as well.  They are fitted and the ones I bought from Athleta have pockets on the back so I can wear them anywhere.  Pair them with a tunic and boots and seriously you have a stylish outfit.

That trendy girl above?  Yoga pants.  I would suggest be careful of wear.  There's a point where they just can't go on.  But I love them because I'm beyond the point of discomfort for fashion's sake.  

I'm hoping this trend lasts a long time and more and more women will catch on to this secret.  Next time you are somewhere...anywhere-do a little research (Sorry -my masters project has me use the word research a lot) you will see.

I am not the only lover of yoga pants.....the commoner's favorite clothing.