Friday, December 26, 2014

The Commoner Looks Back

I would like to say 2014 was a great year.  A lot of crappy things happened to a lot of people.  There were a lot of unexpected setbacks and turns no one saw coming.  But as it ends we have to say we survived it pretty well.  Let's look back at some things that happened.

 I kept on running and I ran a lot.  I ran mostly uninjured in 2014.  In spite of a really hard year it was running that kept me out of jail and employed when times got really hard.

 This is my beautiful trail where I run on the weekends.  I have to remember sometimes to lift my head and look around.  No I don't I always lift my head and look around and greet every cyclist, runner and walker I pass.  2014 was for sure the year of running.
 I have always wanted to go to the Tour of California.  This May offered the perfect opportunity to skip a day of work and check out what cyclist are like these days.  Cyclists are very much fancier than I ever was.  Still-a big part of my life is due to cycling and 2014 gave me the chance to see the big guys in action.
 I think San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I am glad to call it sort of home.  in 2014 I spent time here shopping, running, going to ball games, hanging out, eating, and generally soaking up some urbanity while living in my little cowtown. Plus my daughter works there now.
 This was the year of the run.  This is Bay to Breakers.  2014.  Hands down my favorite race ever.  You should run this race.

 2014 was the year of the Masters.  I can't believe I have finished 3 semesters.  Hopefully my son and I will get to graduate together.
 Baseball is my favorite.  The Giants were sucking all summer.  They lost like a 50 game lead! But anyway-just like me in 2014 they finished a dismal year as winners.  World Series Champs again.  Love this team.
2014 presented a lot of what the heck let's just do it moments.  On a whim I went home for a visit with the goal of doing nothing but hanging out with family and eating pizza.  That's just what I did-hanging out with the family.  I think this will be a yearly event.
 I called this guy an angel because he saved me from this rattle snake on my trail and then disappeared.  He was awesome and definitely out of the blue.  For instance who walks in the summer with a cup of coffee.  2014 for all it's trouble presented me with lots of angels to carry me through.
That's Pat Benatar.  My fellow Long Island rocker chick.  I went to see her in concert.  in 2014 she was still brilliant.
New Orleans.  My whole life I've wanted to go there and I did.  This trip did not disappoint. in 2014 I went on the best trip ever.  Go there for the food, go there for the music, go there for the people, go there for the best time ever.
These are my friends.  Kristen is an original Commoner.  An real OC.  Here's to many more adventures in 2015.
The Marine Corp Marathon.   SO Hard. But what a special event.  Marathon number 2 was hard.  I'm holding out for New York.  Otherwise 2014 will be my last marathon for awhile.
Finally 2014 was the year of the goat.  Ever since I found them on the trail during training I became obsessed with them.  Now people send me goat pictures and everything.  I love them.

Have a great rest of the year if I don't talk to you.  I probably will though!