Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sirius FM Radio The Commoner's Favorite Thing

My normal commute this year went from 3 minutes to 12.  I know -you should feel sorry for me.  So normally I'm lucky to get to listen to a whole song on the radio.  
But this year once a week I get to go to Santa Cruz.  It's a long ride which seems to be across some great divided territory between here and there.  It takes over an hour to get there and along the way something horrible will happen to you.  
You will lose your radio signal.  All the stations that are preset will not work.  Not Alice 97.3   Not 94.7 or what ever the Bay's hits are on, not 104.5 not 100.3.  I don't really know if those are the numbers but what ever.  So I am going nuts trying to find something for the hideously long road from Hollister to anywhere else.
This is how I feel with only KDON to listen to .

But most days I take from Rob his car and his car has SIRIUSXM radio.   So for the whole ride I can listen to these stations

  • Hits from the 80s
  • The Blend from the 70s
  • Today's pop music-(really?  What songs are these?)
  • Mad Dog Sports (I have missed you Mad Dog)
  • ESPN sports (I love sports)
And best of all


I hope I didn't shock you but I've been listening to Howard since when he first came to New York and you couldn't tell anyone you were actually listening to Howard.

But we're from the same place and he's hysterical.  And almost politically correct.
So for making my rides all over the bay area on Fridays tolerable.  SIRIUSXM is the commoner's favorite thing