Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This Year's Goals

I have waited for this year to get here for a really long time.  I'm not a resolution kind of person but here are some events I can't wait for in 

One big thing in 2015?  I will graduate from Grad School.  THANK GOD to put that credential to work....somewhere

My first goal is to NOT run a marathon because the training takes over my life.

Now that I've found a bakery in town that makes great cannoli my goal is to eat more of them.

Now that we all live local again I'm bringing back monthly Sunday dinners.  You are all welcome to attend.

Don't laugh.  I am really going to try to eat better.

2015 brings these guys back to town.

2015 will bring me to Austin Texas on the city tour.  Dancing cowboys yee Haw

2015 promises to be a good year for Met fans.
Well those are my predictions and goals.  Happy New Year Everyone