Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Commoner's Favorite Commercial

I've told you how much I love TV.  When Rob watches tv his method is you change the channel until you get to a commercial.  Then you watch the whole commercial until you see what's on and then you change to another channel and start again.  Not sure why we do this but we do.

So I see a lot of commercials.  Plus I'm very analytical about them because I always wanted to (and did for a short while) wanted to work in advertising.

Christmas advertising is my favorite because they try really hard to sentimentally hit you over the head with a feeling of Christmas.

My favorite commercial this year is Lexus-A December to Remember

I love everything about it.  The song, the car, the BIG GIANT BOW.  But mostly I love the house or castle at the end.

I'll never buy a Lexus because I really want a cadillac.  But I would love to drive down those roads to this big beautiful  house.  You know where it is?

Prague.  Go Figure!