Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mackelmore- The Heist-The Commoners Favorite Album

Training for a marathon means I needed to listen to a lot of music.  JayZ is my favorite when I need to feel tough.  You need to feel tough to run a marathon or you'll never make it and if it takes JayZ's brand of success to get through mile 19 than that's okay.
In fact this morning I needed a little kick in the pants snap out of it to get to work and there was Jay.

But sometimes you just need a good beat.  A song that is really up tempo and fun to listen to and that came from Macklemore
Thrift shop was a fun song with a great beat (Channeling my inner Dick Clark) but whenever I go shopping I say -that's $50 dollars for t-shirt. Also I used to wear my grandfather's cardigans because they were cool.
And who didn't love that summer song Can't Hold Us.  Every runner I know has that song on their playlist.

I'll admit Macklemore is super tall and it scares me a little bit to watch him actually perform with super long arms and legs.  But the songs on The Heist are really good.  Every single one of them.

They even sing a song about a Cadillac.  Did you know my next car is going to be a cadillac?  I'm not even joking about that-it may be my graduation gift to myself.

What I like about them besides the beats they drop  (Rap talk) are the words they sing.  You have to listen past the curse words if they offend you because the songs they sing are pretty inspiring.

And they are from Seattle-I really like Seattle.  I had a great time there -

So my favorite album of the year is The Heist By Macklemore and some other guy.  Listen when you work out and remember 50 dollars is too much for a tshirt.