Sunday, December 1, 2013

IPOD Shuffle -The Commoners Favorite Thing

It's December and that means it's time for my favorite things!  I may be repeating some I'm not sure.  I honestly don't have time to do the research into that.  

I can't give you my favorite things but ask Oprah.  Maybe she can help you out.

I'm starting with something I absolutely love.  I'm a little nostalgic about it because it was the first ever Apple Product I owned before I owned every Apple product.  

Here's why I love it!

Yes that is what it looks like, but mine is purple.  
Here's the story.

I always listened to my running list on my my IPhone when I ran.  I spent months perfecting that list.  But as my marathon training kicked in my IPhone battery couldn't handle the amount of time I needed it to run and the battery would inevitably die.

I knew for the marathon I needed something to get me through the last hour of my run and here is this 45 dollar jewel which I now take with me on EVERY run.

I programmed it to play only the best of my running list.  It's so light and small I hook it to my waste band and off I go.  Hopping through songs is easy and so is adjusting the volume.  So on runs when I'm bored I can play DJ while I run and not miss a step.

Loading the playlist is easy and charging is too.  If you work out?  You need this.  It's one of my favorite things.

Who Knew?