Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Commoner and the Lucky Numbers

This is my winning lottery ticket.  Kidding.  I didn't play the Mega Millions tonight.  I don't really know how to play the lottery. Which is odd since my grandfather played millions of tickets.  

It turns out the winner is right here in San Jose

So if the winner is someone special like my son, or husband or orthopedic doctor -remember him?  Here are three things I would like them to get me.  You know because it's the season of giving and all...
I don't want a private jet because people die in those.  I want to be able to hop a flight first class whenever I want where ever I want.  My city list could expand beyond the United States.

I chose not to have a big birthday party this year and fly to Chicago and run the marathon instead.  But if I won mega millions I would throw the biggest party right here someplace fabulous in California and fly Pitbull in to entertain us.
This is my family.  I would share my winnings with them and buy them things like houses, cars, and paid off student loans. 

So if I win-I mean you win-this is what I will do with the money you give me.