Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friends -The Commoners Favorite

I'm lucky enough to have friends all over the place.  I have lived a lot of places plus I'm old so that's a lot of friends.  Even some family that I count as friends since those pretty much were my friends growing up.
But my Hollister friends right now are the ones I spend the most time with.  We are all really busy so when we are lucky enough to have the chance to dress up and go out it's usually a pretty good time.
You will recognize some of the commoners in this picture.  Kristen was the smart one who bought her flip flops.  Beth and Lesli are always fun.  Bill Parcels former coach of the New York Giants (He loves when I say that), his wife Debbie and on top Tracy our new secretary and energizer bunny.

Bill and Debbie hosted a pre party which I didn't make it to.  I should have though because they bought everyone in an RV-well maybe it's good I didn't go in the RV after all.

You can't appreciate Tracy's Flintstone inspired knockout of a red dress in this picture.  You also can't appreciate the fact that she is really tall and thin and lots of fun.  She started dancing at the beginning and never once stopped.  Not even once.   Not at all.

Then there's my husband Rob.  We decided we needed some men at the party and so Rob, Beth's husband, and our boss were forced to come.  My husband is the only Irish Man that I know who doesn't drink anything.  The fun thing though is it seems like he does.  He cuts a rug with anyone and will even sing Karaoke.
You didn't have to worry about gaining weight at this party because the food was scarce.  The bar was great though.  We danced all night and had so much fun.  I woke up this morning with no voice and still dancing.
This morning I woke up at 6 anyway so that I could go shopping in San Jose with another one of my local friends.  

So today I salute the commoner's favorite-FRIENDS!