Wednesday, December 4, 2013

RNichols Stationary -The Commoner's Favorite Things

Let's be clear-I am not a fan of Oprahs.  I don't like her giving me advise because she's a single billionaire. How can she possibly know what to tell me to do.  But-we share a lot of the same tastes.  Too bad I don't have her money to finance them.

One of her past favorite things are note cards from a company called R. Nichols out of Orlando.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm a big stickler for Thank You notes.  I pretty much send thank you notes to you if you pass me and say hello-or don't harass me for something.  I'll probably send you a thank you for that.  

I'm also big on birthday cards although I suck at keeping up with them.  You may sometimes get a card from me other times-not so much.  It's very random but that is what makes them fun!
Any who.  I found these note cards and I love them.  People know I love things that represent New York and they make these great cards.
I love shopping and I love NYC-(I avoid cabs however-subway and feet are my favorite).  Sometimes I'm in a San Francisco state of mind.  So when I am?  R-Nichols makes these
You may have received these from me.  They are flat and I write on the front -whatever message I need.  I couldn't have designed them better myself.

Because sometimes A Facebook Thank You isn't enough.  The commoner presents her favorite stationary 
These are just two of their designs, they have many of all kinds of themes.  

Check them out and then send me one thanking me for the tip!