Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crayon Lipsticks-The Commoner's Favorite Makeup

Everyone knows that I love makeup.  You knew that right?  As I've gotten older it's actually become a necessity.
So I've become a makeup person.  I'm a VIB at Sephora  (Very Important Beauty) so I get special deals to fuel my addiction.  It now takes me two hours to get ready for work.
This year I discovered my favorite make up of all.  The lipstick crayon. 

I don't know what brand this is and I've never used it.  All these look alike and they are pretty great.  Nars makes my favorite actually.  
You can get cheap ones at Target or Walgreens and those are good too.  But if you are going to invest the money to be a VIB like me . Chose Nars.  You  won't be disappointed.