Monday, December 2, 2013

Dresses-The Commoners Favorite Thing

This year I decided would be the year of the dress.  Everyone knows when I do something I don't mess around.  I must wear dresses 3 of the 5 work days a week.  I love them.  Here's why.
I'm not a fan of dressing down for work.  You can ask anyone. They always ask on dress like a slob Friday why I don't dress down.
I can't.  I can't teach and I especially can't really do my temporary not temporary job that I currently have dressed like this.  

When I was in the classroom if I dressed down I really only wanted the kids to color all day.  Heck I wanted to color with them. I'm dressed down -cocoa and coloring are called for.

When I wear a dress I always look put together because duh-as long as you pick the right shoes you are good.  They are good in the summer when it's hot and better in the winter with tights and boots. You know what else? They are the MOST comfortable thing you can wear.

So you I love to wear Jeans people?  You must feel all binded in the legs in that denim.  I have big runner thighs, before that I had big fat thighs, before that I had big cyclist thighs.  Jeans hurt.

Dresses-comfy-cozy, classy.  

So today?  My favorite thing is dresses  and YES I am wearing one tomorrow.