Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blog Photos-A Commoner's Favorite Scrap Book

I was looking for pictures to post about how I love running.  Then I saw some great pictures and decided to post those for pretend tomorrow is throw back Thursday.  Here go some random photos and the story or thought behind them.

This picture is from my first ever blog entry.  This is a chocolate store that had just opened in Napa or Yountsville (I think).  They had just opened and I told them I was a blogger -well I was going to be anyway.  They posed for a picture and The Commoner was born.  Chocolate is one of my favorite things.
Sometimes it rains a lot.  I hate the rain.  It's cold, it's dreary, it will last for days and it makes work really hard.  It was weird to see a rainbow over the house across the street.  Of course I clicked my heals together but I still was not in NY when I opened my eyes.  Rainbows are one of my favorite things.
This is my dog Bella when she was little and actually didn't turn her back on the camera.  She is a true blue faithful dog who will protect you with her silent brilliance.  Bella is one of my favorite animals.
This is AT&T Park and McCovey Cove.  If you look closely that is one of the famous kayakers. They stay in the water and try to catch any balls hit into the bay.  I think that sounds a little boring actually but it's part of the traditions of this great place.  Giants Baseball games are one of my favorite things.
This is a Jet Blue Plane.  For awhile I was flying to NY a lot.  I haven't been there in two years almost.  But I flew on Jet Blue last time and I really  like them.  They are cheap, they have little tvs and they flew non stop.  Flying to NY is one of my favorite things. 

This was fun.  I may be doing this again in the future.