Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Clark Shoes-The Commoner's Favorite Thing

This year I raced a marathon.  That was great.  This year I got Planter' Fascitis-I know you've heard about this right?  It was the total focus of my life.   It was a nice diversion from the ungodly amount of work I had for my Masters Program and my temporary not temporary job.

Now Planters took over my life.  I would wrap the foot, ice the foot, massage the foot, compress the foot, cry, whine, hobble, I did all of these.
I looked like this soccer dude but none was helping me walk.

The one thing about my foot was that I now needed supportive, comfortable shoes and that brings me to Clarks.

I already had a vast collection of these from QVC and they are pretty nice for comfort shoes but when you wear them in my size they tend to look like this.

But I have to say I've learned to love them and they make some pretty nice styles even for me.  The arch support is fantastic and my foot was ALWAYS happy when I wore them.

So today the commoner gives you her favorite shoe