Monday, December 23, 2013

The Commoners and the Getaway Car

I am going to tell this story in pictures and bullet points.
This is my new camera and I took it with me to Maggiano's for Our Christmas Dinner.  I was Lois Lane.  It is a lucky camera because lots of things happened
This is the horse that lives behind Kristen's house.  What's important about this horse is that is sparked a conversation as to the difference between mules and donkeys.  We're still confused .
We got a late start because Super Model Sosa took a long time to get to Kristen's house.  It takes time to be this beautiful.
 Sosa is bossy and made us walk the back streets of Santana Row to get to the restaurant but that's okay because we noticed that Vernon Davis was doing a signing.  My big camera made us look like paparazzi and we got in.
He has a foundation for the arts on the backside of Santana Row.  He's a sensitive good guy.  He's a 49er too.  I don't know where this is but Sosa might be able to get you there.
Finally we made it to the restaurant.  We were hoping for Carolers outside because Santana Row is like that.  There was only bad Karaoke of some sort.  Turns out -according to Sosa if you shop on Santana Row-which I do occasionally -you are rich.  Who knew that's all it takes.
The food is so good here and served family style.  My favorite thing is the fried cheese squares.  You know big cheese sticks.  So good.  This is the cheese cake-it's like silk.  We ate a lot of food.
We had to pull the table out for this picture because we ate so much.
Speaking of which, I asked the busboy if our plates of big food could possibly fit on the is table.  He looked at me like I was speaking a language he didn't understand.
Later we caught him speaking english when he asked if we were through with our coffee.  What ever.
We were finished and we couldn't eat anymore so we left.  Beth had 3 full bags of leftovers because the trick is -you can ask for seconds and then you can pack it for home.  We feed all the Matsuis.

On the way home we noticed a car drive by really fast.  Then we noticed cop car after cop car silently blasting past us.  What could this be?  Turns out it was a car chase.
Finally 10 cop cars later we noticed one was coming by slowly and was going to do that zig zag thing so we got off the free way.  As we went on the over pass we saw a fire-caused by tires and men with flashlights in the bushes.
I was there with my camera and my flash.  But then we got scared that the cops would think we were the get away car.  OR the bad guy would car jack us.  So we got out of there.

Finally we were back at Kristen's house where we met her cat Tony.  Tony is named after Tony Soprano because his job is to whack the mice.
And that was it.  Our last commoner trip of the year.  We all wish you a very Merry Christmas-and if you need something?  Lois Lane and her camera will be on the spot.