Sunday, December 8, 2013

City Trips-The Commoner's Favorite Place or Thing or Soemthing

I was born in a city.  That's right Queens, New York.  I lived the first 35 years of my life really close to New York so I'm a city girl at heart.  
A few years ago I seemed to be making a lot of trips to New York when it dawned on me there are a lot of cities right here in our country that I need to see.  Rob and I started the city list.

I'm not really a beach person.  Although I did really love New Port Beach this year.  I don't ski and I don't really like to relax.
I like that when you go to a city you really only need a few days.  You don't need a car, there are great places to eat, and lots of things to do.  There's energy.  The rule is that you have to play tourist.  I don't like to be a tourist but you have to.  This is the rule.

This happened to be a year that included a lot of city trips for some reason.  In the future there will probably only be one a year.  So let's visit the cities that I saw.

I love Dublin!  It's old, it's quaint, they speak English, and we have family there.  2013s first city of the year.

Next was the original planned city-the first on the list-Seattle.
I loved everything about Seattle.  It was like a really tiny San Francisco.  I liked the food, the coffee, the sties, the waterfront.  You should definitely go to the fish market and watch the hawkers.  

    We had two trips to Chicago in two months so we made it a city pick.  I love Chicago too.  I had been there many times before and it's great.  The first trip for Danny's boot camp graduation we played tourist and went to the Navy Pier.  Fun.

The second trip we spent a lot of time on Michigan Avenue but we saw THE ENTIRE CITY and we saw it on foot.  That marathon was great and I loved it a lot.  Chicago my friend you are not the second city -you are just as good as anyone else.  Except for your weather.  No offense your weather kind of sucks.
I love cities because they all have the same blueprint.  A waterfront district, a financial district, a theater district, and a shopping district.  Think about it-it's true.

This year it's city number two not the list.  NEW ORLEANS!  I've always want to go there.  I love the music and the constant parades.  I don't love seafood so that might be problem but I Can't Wait.