Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Commoner's Favorite Things

That's right commoners, Oprah isn't the only one with a list of favorite things.  So sit tight and at the end of the month you get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car...I'm kidding-you don't get anything...I'm a commoner.

This year I didn't have to look far for one of my favorite things of the year.  I had to turn my head slightly to the left and there it was-my adult style sippy cup-right next to me on my desk.

You are thinking to yourself-this is not in keeping with your pledge to live PDiddy style this is very...common.  

I only drink a few things (on a daily basis)  Coffee, green tea, and water.  I have found a way to drink all of these in this wonderful invention-iced versions of course.

For some reason sipping out of a straw is so much easier than sipping from a bottle. It never spills either and fits in the cup holder in both of our cars.

I have 2 of these.  One of them I got as a Christmas gift.  It says Starbucks and has a candy cane shaped straw-which I use all year long.  The other I picked up at Old Navy.  I use one all day -throw it in the dishwasher and use the other the next.  

I can now easily drink bottles of water in a single sip if I need to, get my caffeine fix, on ice, and drink my green tea with honey and it's simple and easy.

So for my first favorite thing this year I offer to you the adult sippy cup. 
It will help you stay hydrated and save the earth.