Monday, November 19, 2012

The Commoner and Rachel Ray Part 2

Last week I told you I planned to take the Rachel Ray Challenge and take on 178 ideas for the holidays that I would love.  I am a stickler for a goal with a schedule I can stick with.  

So I sat down and opened the magazine and planned everything out on my Apple calendar.  If I split the 173 things into different categories and triple up  I can get this done.

So I sit down and start going through Rachel's suggestions for fabulous gifts!  Who wouldn't want a pitcher that looks like an owl for 30 dollars.  Surely Meghan would want that.

So I turned the page and came to 18 appetizers to try.  So far so good.  Then 18 ways to decorate-okay what else?  You know what else?  Nothing else.  There were no more counts of anything-simply a magazine full of cooking and the usual Rachel Ray fare.

What?  Where are the other numbers of ideas I will love this holiday season?  They are not numbered.  First reaction?  Okay let me start by counting all of her 'things' in her magazine.

  Well okay what counts as an idea?  Every recipe?  Every city?  What?  This will take me forever to catalog and plan.  You can't just hodge podge jump into 173 ideas you will love without planning when you only have a month to get them done.  

So now what?  Well I go to the part in her magazine where it says contact us and I ask them on their facebook page-Dear Rachel-you are awesome-I want to use all of your ideas-all 173 of them but I can't find them.  Can you give me a list?

I'm still waiting....I have no challenge for the holiday season-no 173 ideas I will love.   Rachel Ray-I told you about her...