Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Commoner is Thankful the Squirrels DIdn't attack her

It's amazing that I run outdoors really-given my general distaste and fear of most things nature.  But I like to run outside-I actually like to be outside when I run.  I never run on a treadmill and I even run on a trail in a state park.  Go figure.  

This weekend we raced the 10K Awesome 80s race in Golden Gate Park-in one of my favorite cities San Francisco.  This was a laid back event where most people were wearing neon of some sort but I didn't care, because I got to run and spend the weekend in San Francisco.

When we do these events here we always get there super early so that we can nail the free parking.  Laugh if you want but parking fees in San Francisco are crazy-and this is the equivalent of a lot of coupon clipping-get there early sit in the car-make a play list.  It pays off. 

Finally it was time to find the start of the race (although fun this was a really unorganized event) so we gather our things and get ready to leave the car,  which is one of 10 cars in the free lot and really close to the finish.  

I turn and notice that there is a squirrel looking at me.  He's right near me and he's looking right at me with his cute squirrel eyes and hands and I'm like squirrel with possible rabies, you are very cute, what are you doing?  I say shoe and Rob throws something at it but he doesn't move and he has friends.  None of them move but they are very cute.  I felt like a Cinderella -if Cinderella were a runner.

I forgot about the squirrels.  There were other things to take my attention.  Costumes, confused start times  (we actually started the 5K by mistake), a confused DJ who acted like a race official, 6.2 miles of running and a coconut water booth.  (I love coconut water).

When the race ended and I got my coconut water and I looked at the Delorean and some more costumes.  Rocked out a little to an '80s cover band and decided I was getting cold and it might be time to go.  At this point I had still forgotten about the squirrels.

I have quite a process to unpack all my stuff into the car and change into some warmer clothes without actually changing in public.  I have a touch of OCD remember so there's lots of things to take off and put on and put away with out losing and things I need to get ready for the ride home.  I'm still not thinking about the squirrels.

All of a sudden i look down and scurrying between the 18 inches of my feet and the car is the killer squirrel and his friends.  Those rabid beasts weren't afraid of me at all, inspite of the fact that I screamed and jumped 3 feet into the air and into the hatch of the car.  They still didn't move.

These killer squirrels had no fear of me, my jumping, screaming, OCD, or anything they were just standing there.  Rob at this point is screaming at me that I was going to break the fender I was sitting on like a frog.  Yes I was in a position like a frog, I was a leap frog.

I could not get into that car fast enough.  I'm sure that the squirrels stowed away in our car.  I'm also sure that these rabid creatures take over Golden Gate Park with their pigeon like aggressiveness

So if you're going to San Francisco, forget the flowers in your hair, carry some nuts to throw at the crazy squirrels so you can make a mad dash away from them.