Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Commoner and Hugh Hefner

What on earth am I talking about you are thinking.  I've always said my goal is to live P-Diddy style-which means go big-with style-and perhaps have your own clothing line at Macys.  But some how the commoner has found her self channeling her inner Hugh Hefner.

Before you get yourself in a tizzy-I'm not posing nude, and neither did Hugh.  Nope -I have found myself fulfilling a need a lot of women, and some men, on my friends list have been -ahem-longing for-My Facebook status updates-Beefcake of the day.

It happened innocently enough, and I think it started during the Summer Olympics-but like with most hot trends-you never really can be sure when something like this begins.

It started I remember with swimmer Ryan Locke.  Then there seemed to be a plethora of other Olympic athletes like Michael Phelps and various runners, and some divers.   

Before I knew it it was training camp time for the NFL and there were pictures of Tim Tebow running shirtless in the rain.  

It wasn't just athletes however.  Sure there was David Beckham but those were always advertising campaigns.  He was joined by Daniel Craig.  Adam Levine was a regular and so was Brad Pitt.  Channing Tatum was a big favorite by many people even though I don't know who he is.

Next it became anonymous fire fighters, mail models, waiters, you name it.  They were coming from all walks of life.  By now people began thanking me for making their day, or they would submit pictures to me to be  posted.  If I missed a few days I would get requests or people asking for them.

My daughter asked me to stop, people protested that.  My one friend insisted that he would make a great beefcake, although he never submitted a picture-but it was one friend who in particular followed up on a threat to start posting women.

Not everyone loved the beefcake postings.  There was pressure from my children to stop embarrassing them, and pressure from Facebook friends who threatened to start posting pictures of women.

There were suggestions to blog them-which doesn't really fit in with my commoner postings -plus what can you say about them really?

So I posted one last picture of Brad Pitt and quietly, unceremoniously retired the Beef cake from Facebook.  

But not too fast people.  I will not forsake you.  I will not disappoint .  We all still need our daily eye candy don't we?  Just to liven up our days?  You can now find my daily beefcake on my Pinterest board  User name Theresephillips.