Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Commoner Takes on Rachel Ray's 173 Idea Challenge

I have to admit-I may have liked Rachel Ray for the first month she was on tv.  I liked 30 Minute Meals even though I never liked anything she made.  The fact you could make dinner in 30 minutes left me hopeful.

I soon began to not like her-I soon began to detest everything about her, the ugly kitchen, the cutesy smile, the food, and above all the made up words.  I hate delish, and yummo, and evoo-I hate them all.  I hate most made up words like ginormous

I will say there are very few women tv personalities I actually like.  I don't like Katie, and I don't like Oprah (I do like Robin Roberts though).  I do like aspects of these women however.  I love Oprah's choice in books and I do like Rachel's magazine.

So I'm eating my salted bagel this morning and I start reading the magazine which came yesterday and proudly boasted on its cover -173 Holiday Ideas you will love.  My first reaction-I don't 'love' very many things-my family, my very good friends  and of course people who love my blog (that's you!).  But 173 ideas?

So I've decided to take that challenge weather it kills me.  I don't know what they even are but I'm going for it.  I'll keep you posted  on them because this will be very interesting.