Monday, November 12, 2012

The Commoner is Thankful for Epic Parties

Last year I made a resolution to live my life P-Diddy style.  You know big-with a cool name.  I never came up with the cool nick name-no RG3 or JLo found it's way here.  But looking back I noticed a trend.  About once a year I throw a really big party.  Italian Style-huge!  Lots of people lots of food and in an ode to the irish lots of drinks.

Last year I had a great Super Bowl/Lesli's 40th Birthday Party.  It was fun and the NY Giants won.  In addition there were so many people there some of them I never knew before.

Well this year I turned 49.  I loved the 40s they were my best decade yet.  So I decided I would celebrate the whole entire year starting with a big huge bash at my house.  (If you didn't receive an invite check your inbox you probably did).

So I may have talked about this party already but I was really lucky to have so many great friends there and most of my kids and husband of course.  I'm lucky to have made a life here in California that includes so many fantastic people.

So today I'm thankful for all of my friends who keep my life full of fun and love!