Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Commoner is Thankful for an Uncommon Class

The commoner has a pretty common job-I'm a teacher.  My class always tends to be uncommon.  They are always the kids who have no problem going with the flow of whatever idea comes my way.  Of course I'm teaching the standards at all times-I'm very creative that way.  But I don't like boredom, I can smell it, and I'm usually there 10 minutes before the kids so I keep things hopping.
 Photo: NY skyline -paper clip project

My class tends to like projects-so for the monthly homework project I gave them an item and told them do what ever you like with it.  Build something! Make a movie! Write a poem!  And boy did they.

I have a paper clip Eiffel Tower, A candy corn, lots of jewelry, a headless horseman, an ode to the paper clip, paper clip math problems, and a paper clip Empire State Building  (which I may ask to keep).  The most amazing was a chandelier complete with power.

So today I am thankful for an extraordinary class-one that keeps me on my toes and I hope I do due justice for.