Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Commoner Becomes A Rock Star

Well not really but sort of....

I very rarely talk about what happens in my classroom-however-this year I have a student who needs me to speak on a loud speaker.  This means I wear a mike around my neck and I'm broadcast in surround sound through my classroom.

Well if you know me you know I do not like silence.  There is always sound where ever I am.  Music, television, noisy children.  It's probably why I love cities so much, constant noise.

Without  noise I can't concentrate.  I start thinking about things and it goes like this.  If I don't go food shopping now,  we may have an earthquake and I won't have any milk, if I don't have any milk, we for sure will starve and die.

Thus I like noise.  This is a good thing if you teach 33 second and third graders.  But it may not be a good thing if you give someone who is always singing or dancing a microphone.

So now I am constantly singing, I sing all kinds of songs, decent pop songs, kids songs, one direction songs, I make up my own songs, I sing with the radio.  It's legendary now but useful.  

Why is it useful you wonder?  I've learned how to threaten to sing.  If you guys don't listen quickly-I'm going to sing the instructions!  Oh no -they laugh.  It's really important for the kids to have a sense of humor in my class.

My other favorite trick?  Well I don't think this microphone is actually loud enough-sometimes the kids still don't seem to hear me.  That's when I use my Wizard of Oz voice.  You know the part where the wizard has that super loud voice?  I will say things like "the wizard calls little Johnny to the back table".  They love that one.

There are some things you have to be careful of.  If you are having a private conversation with say a parent, student, or friend and you don't turn the power off-every one hears you.

A friend of mine gave me some good advice-turn it off when you go to the bathroom.  I don't care-I'm having fun singing and deep down so are the kids.