Monday, August 13, 2012

The Commoner's Farewell To Summer


In keeping with past themes like The Commoner's Favorite Things.  I'm beginning a bittersweet ode to summer of 2012.  

The best thing this summer was I decided NOT to work.  I swallowed the guilt of money not earned and decided I really needed a mental vacation.  

I'm so glad I did this.  I'm recharged, refreshed, and ready for the next 175 work days (less if the initiative fails).  

This week I'm going to do a rare daily posting as I look back fondly at the best Summer 2012 had to offer  (Trip to NY not included).

Well here is one of the  things I loved about this summer.  I present to you Coffee.

I disappeared from Starbucks this summer.  I never really passed by one and certainly wasn't going to get in my car in the morning and drive there.   

I'm an early riser-up with the sun and the birds.  That's all year long 7 days a week.  But in the summer  you can make a cup of coffee at that time and you can sit on the couch and watch TV-(Still ESPN-no local news for me).  

You can read a magazine, or a book (more on that another day), do  a puzzle, play face book and then go get another cup.  Then you can decide what to do.  It doesn't matter you have all day...

So my first offering of what I loved about summer 2012-My morning cup of Joe.