Monday, August 13, 2012

The Commoner's Ode to Summer-The Weaher Edition

I've been here in California for 16 years.  It's a long time.  I'm just starting to figure out the strange weather patterns that we have.

The seasons are skewed a little differently than in traditional climates.  Each season lags a season behind. 

Because our climate is so dry, the colors that change for us are the hills.  In the summer and fall they are brown, in the winter and spring they turn green.  These are all things I've learned not to fight against.-I'm not in Kansas anymore-or Westbury.

Typically June and July are cool and often breezy.  You don't get to really enjoy the warm weather of summer.  You usually have to wear long pants or a jacket.  

In August -the very week we go back to school it heats up.  It's hot and sunny and dry and it stays that way pretty much until Thanksgiving.  (Easter is the coldest of the holidays if you ask me-you asked right?)

I just want to get up in summer-throw on shorts and a t-shirt and not carry a sweater around all day.

Well this summer?  I got it.  Beautiful days of sun shine and warm but not hot temperatures-oh and never, ever, humidity.

I know we'll make up for this with a wet winter or a colder than normal spring-or best yet an earthquake.  But this year,  Northern California offered me pristine and magical days of bright sunshine.

So in the summer of 2012 one of my favorite things was our days after day of glorious weather.