Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why I Love Teaching-Part 1

A lot of commoners are teachers.  I know this because I'm one of them and a lot of my family is too. 

It's important as we get ready to take on another year and all that that means -you know 16 hour days, deadlines, assessments, emails, phone calls, etc.  It's important to remember that we really love what we do and there are really good things about it.

So this week I'll be giving you 5 days of what I love about teaching.  

Now I wasn't a teacher by training I was a teacher by luck.  I went to school to get into big business in NYC.  I have a marketing degree-but alas this has been my destiny.  So let me share one thing I love about teaching.

NO CUBICLES-have you ever or do you now work in a cubicle?  I have at various times in my non teaching life.  You know what?  They are like prison cells.  You can't breath, you can't see anyone.  They suck

I get claustrophobic if I don't get to have some space.  As a teacher I don't have a cubicle I have a big room -okay it's crowded but still.  Also whenever I feel a little closed in?  Let's go outside kids and all is well.

So this week I offer you this.  One thing I love about teaching? No cubicles but a big room.