Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pampered Chef-The Ode to Summer

One of my favorite things about this summer was Commoner Kristen's new career as a Pampered Chef Consultant.  (Don't worry -she still teaches-commoners often work too jobs).

Kristen mentioned to me in June that she was thinking of starting this new adventure and would I have a show.  Of course I said YES!!.  I love parties, I love eating, and I actually like Pampered Chef a lot.  I used to sell it myself  (3 parties and I was done).

I invited all 500 of my closest Facebook friends.  I E-vited everyone in my contact list and set the date.  Alas my party netted close to 1,000 dollars in sales and spun off 3 parties of it's own.

Mind you that meant I received a lot of free items.  I don't even know how many-a lot though.  What this also meant?  I went to those 3 Pampered Chef parties and then all the parties spun off of those and all the parties spun offered by Kristen's new under consultant  (someone she talked into being a salesperson)

By this point in time I own everything in the catalog almost.  I'm also really good at being Kristen's side kick at her parties.  Since I own everything and love to talk I jump right in with the funny comments and people actually buy those products that I relish with my humor.   We are like a tag team-except I don't make any money and help Kristen book more parties.

I've eaten countless garden cheese pizzas and microwave rocky road brownies in the red baker.  They are both yummy.

What's funny about this is that I don't really cook.  Hardly ever.  In fact I told one of the crowds I  liked the stoneware best of all the items  because it was great for frozen pizza, frozen fish sticks, chicken fingers and french fries.  But now I have tons of items.  Like the simple slicer and the food processer.

Wait do you even know what Pampered Chef is?  I'm not sure you do.  It's like a Tupperware party except it's all items for the kitchen.  I get the chef part not sure about the Pampered.  

It's like a pyramid scheme because Kristen and every consultant above her get percentages of sales, hosts get discounts, I don't know how they make money.  This stuff must cost 5 cents to produce.

Never the less it was fun going to all these parties, watching Kristen put on a show, visiting with people and meeting new people.  It was one of my favorite parts of summer.

If you want to have a party contact Kristen, if you want a guest at your party Contact ME!