Thursday, August 16, 2012

Running-The Ode to Summer

First off, this is not me.  I wish I had her nose though!  I digress.

For my final installment of the best of summer I'm telling you it was running.

Running was the trend that I stuck to all summer long.  Actually I've stuck to a schedule for months but in summer it became something else.

In summer it's easy because you throw on shorts and a t-shirt (I DO NOT run in my sports bra-well I do , but I put a shirt over it)! And you are out the door.  Well some sort of quick dry shirt.

In summer the whole day spreads out before you and you can run at your leisure.  I usually would be out there by 8:30AM.  I found that the temperature 57 was my favorite-you're not to hot but you still work up a sweat. 

 Obviously this particular time won't work for me starting next week as that is the exact time the bell rings and school starts.

I'm not a natural runner, but I'm a runner.   I'm not a fast runner , but I'm a runner.  I finally came to peace with the fact that I was always going to run around the same pace (somewhere in the 10 minute/mile range).  It doesn't really matter what I do to get faster because that's my pace.

I'm okay with that.  I'm not trying to win the Olympics here or even my age group. I want to finish the races I enter.   I like being outside, I like setting and reaching goals, I like the mental discipline, and yes I like the fresh air and sunshine. 

I learned that watching my form (I run flat footed and stomp if I'm not careful) and running to the beat of my workout play list allowed me to enjoy running so much more than worrying about breaking into the 9s.  In fact sometimes I would spend hours working on my playlist-oh summer.

Even though I didn't get to New York to run with my cousin Ironman Charlie! I did get to run in Lake Tahoe (well not IN the lake)  that was beautiful.

This fall I'll be running the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  That's 13 miles!  The training is already starting to get rigorous.  I'll be up against my 60 hour work weeks and I'll still run.  I'll do it in the morning or I'll do it after school but I'll do it.

This summer-the best part of summer was believe it or not was running!

Next week my summer is over and before I settle back into a once a week blogging routine, I'll be sharing with you The things I love most about teaching.