Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ode to Summer-The Beefcake Review

One of the trends of the summer was mommy porn.  Now I have no problem with 50 Shades of Grey or Magic Mike but I did not partake in either of these phenomenons.

 There was something about the pride women took in letting you know they were reading it.  It was almost always Too Much Information for me really.  If you were one of those that enjoyed it Good for you!  It just wasn't for me.

 Magic Mike just looked stupid so I passed on this one as well, just to make some point or other.  
 In spite of all of this I somehow became the keeper of women every where and their thirst for Beef Cake as I called it as I started to post -The Beef Cake of the day.

I'm not sure how it started but it had to something to do with my old friend from Islip Patricia.  I think she actually posted the first one.  Then I would find one or another on my facebook page and I would post it for every one.  Usually I would say 'good morning ladies'.

The biggest requirement for  making the beef cake status tended to be a guy having their shirt off and having muscles.  I didn't really go looking for them they would just appear-like visions and I was responsible for sharing them with the world.

It just so happened that this was the year of the summer Olympics so there were tons of options among hunky Olympic athletes, mostly swimmers-who became candidates.

Picks ranged from David Beckham, Ryan Lochte, Swimmers I didn't know, cowboys, Daniel Craig (for a little class), the infamous Tim Tebow running it the rain picture,  unknow pecs of all persuasions, divers, track stars.  I even started taking submissions. 

 Everyone got in on the action-men as well.  There were debates and suggestions from unexpected people and places.  But I think we could all agree it was a lot of fun.

But by far the most popular beef cake was someone not all that beefy really, someone who holds some unexplainable appeal to women all over the world and of every age, and honestly some of the men as well.  That would be the Beef Cake of summer Adam Levine.

This was a big responsibility and my gift to women every where.  I'll try and keep it up as the year goes on, but it's up to all of you-submissions for beef cakes are ALWAYS welcome.