Monday, September 3, 2012

The Commoner Adjusts to Going Back to Work

It's not easy to go from the lazy, lazy days of summer to the busy hopping 12 hour days of work.  But the life of a commoner dictates that that is what must be.  So I've had to make some adjustments to my commoner life.  It takes awhile to break into this return to life and at week 3-I'm starting to find it.

The first adjustment is my running schedule.  I could no longer leisurely run at 8:30 AM when the temperature reached my favorite 57 degrees.  Nope I had two choices-before dawn or after work. 

I tried after work, but it was usually too hot, I was tired from walking around my classroom all day and not properly hydrated-thus I would feel like I was going to pass out.  

So the moon became my running partner.  I'm an early riser so no problem.  The stars are out, the commuters are up and the air is cool and your done.  And the moon is awesome usually.

Another thing that had to be adjusted to my work schedule is my DVR list.  I was only half way through getting through Breaking Bad-the series, and Days of Our Lives is still in June-which is nice actually.  But overall my DVR has learned to manage itself and drop stuff off and keep things on that I'm not even aware of.  If I'm watching TV-its my DVR. It's quite a commitment.

The last category of adjustments is house work.  Dinner and laundry mostly.  I don't even eat dinner.  But my husband insist on it.  Well he doesn't really insist on it -but if it's not ready when he gets home he starts behaving badly.  Eating potato chips, eating cookies.  Thus he has to have dinner.

So that's a challenge, sometimes Danny cooks for him, sometimes I cook two days at a time, sometimes he gets frozen pizza.  Not sure why he thinks dinner is so important but he does.

Finally the laundry-all I can say about the laundry is this.  If you ever can't find me-come to my house and look for me under a pile of clean laundry-it's not doing the laundry it's the sorting and putting away that get me.