Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Commoner Welcomes A New Televison Season

I was an only child raised in a house full of adults so you have to know TV was my sibling growing up and still is.  I remember when television had 1 season followed by a summer of reruns.

  No more.  The word season is no longer your standard 9 months followed by a summer of the best reruns.  Seasons start and finish at all different times of the year and last for a couple of months.  Its hard to keep up and sometimes you think you may miss the season all together without ever really knowing it started.

But September still hosts the return of a lot of shows already programmed into my DVR and some new ones I hope to make room for.

A funny thing happens at the end of one of these cable seasons, you can't WAIT for the new season to come-even if it's in September and back to school, but you can't wait.  One of my favorites is Sons Of Anarchy.

I was always indifferent to motorcyclists especially since I live in Hollister California home of the movie Wild Ones-and even though SOA is based in a central California town which looks a lot like Hollister -it is at it's very heart a show closer to The Sopranos than Easy Rider.

I've been raised on The Godfather and reared on anything Martin Scorsese.  I can recite Goodfellas by heart.  Sons of Anarchy is the commoner's Sopranos.

Working class by nature and even though they earn probably millions  in the money laundering or international gun deals they have going- none of them have spent a dime on beauty supplies or wardrobes.  Nor have they traded their small run down ranch houses for McMansions of any type.

But this show goes beyond the working class nature of these gangsters.  Nope the acting and writing on this show is among the best.  The plot lines as unbelievable as they are are still some how made believable and are among the best in television in a long time.  Edge of your seat, can't believe that just happened, did you see that-television.

Where else can you see Peg Bundy and The Beast from the 80s play characters so dislikeable and beyond reproach that you never remember them as the loveable blokes they used to be.  That's acting.

In a few weeks we will have Boardwalk Empire, American Horror Story,  Homeland, and Dexter returning to our homes.  But for this week the commoner is still saying -this season of Son's is going to be unreal and I'm sure give me nightmares. You have to watch it.