Monday, September 24, 2012

The Commoner and the Bus Ride Part 2

Photo: Where's the busI told you about part one of my trip.  You know the bus, the raffles, the appearance of the Giants in the ninth inning and the M&Ms.  But wait there's more.

One thing about taking the bus -there was no reason to leave before the game was over to beat the traffic.  This worked out given the 9th inning and all the players that woke up late and got there for the end of the game.

So we drifted out of the building-all 8 of us stayed together and made it down.  We walked past the muni we always take and got to the buses.

We all wondered did anyone notice what our bus even looked like?  As we passed bus after bus we were sure it wasn't that one, or the wine country one, or the one with the lady driver, or the one with a person in a wheel chair, or....wait there were no more, but there were the Hollister people all gathered on the corner.

The raffle, donut, DVD, lady was walking by and says, "oh our bus got caught behind a barricade, he'll be here in a little while."  Of course it was me who said, "A barricade?  After a Giants Game?  We'll be here for hours!."  I didn't  yell, or curse, or use my NY accent-I just stated it.

She told me I was cold and should probably stand in the sun.....

Wow, was I out of line?  Come on they were all thinking that.  How come all the other bus drivers got through the barricade.  But I was quiet and stood in the sun because I didn't have another ride home.

We waited and waited and waited.  Little bus lady was on her phone and her smile was gone.  She kept turning her back to us and covering the phone with her hand.  You know that thing you do when you are talking about the person standing next to you?

Finally she tells us we have to walk up the block a little and turn left.  Some of us turned left some of us went straight.  It was like that scene in The Poseidon Adventure..follow Gene Hackeman I said.

We turned, we walked, no bus, more phone calls, and a crankier bus lady.  She had us going up and down the block-this way, the other back out on to the street.  JUST WAIT she kept saying.

Finally we saw the bus coming down that main street -if you've been to the games you know which one I mean. The bus pulls over right where it says NO STANDING-opens the door and every one says go, go, go!  I'm the George Castanza in the crowd knocking over the old people to get to my seat.

My friend's son -you know the one the Giants could have used-and his friend wanted to sit in the back of the bus.  They got yelled at by some lady with a baby and a cooler of jello.  They planted in front of us and everyone shifted seats.

That was not okay, as the two ladies who sat in front of us the whole game listening to every word we were saying-insisted on having their seat back.  Their seat was taken by the people who's seats the 12 year olds were sitting in and they weren't giving up.

Finally we were off.  I thought it was strange that the Bus lady never took role to see if we were all there.  I don't think she was even thinking about this.  But after the scuffle of the seats she had the bus pull over and said,  "WHAT IS GOING ON BACK THERE, I WANT DETAILS."

I'm glad it wasn't my kid that caused that confusion as Beth had to confess-she was the mother of the seat stealer.

Finally we were off, we drove around the block a few times and took off.  There were cake pops, and pretzels, and sugar free cookies.  The ride home was quiet and quick.

All in all it was a great day....I know as a commoner I won't get to go to any playoff games, but I'll be sitting in my house or with friends cheering on the Giants and hoping they can repeat -sort of -and win the series.