Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Commoner and The 17 Mile Run

People often wonder what do you do on a 17 mile run.  Well today was that run and it was great!  I have embraced the long runs.  They are slow, they are scenic, they burn a gajillion calories (which you immediately replenish) the sun, and the music.

For almost 3 1/2 hours today here are some things I did.

Goats are bought to the trail to eat the grass.  There are thousands of them.  They love to lay there but at mile 15 they were on the run.  They were running faster than I was.  Tilt your head. or flip your computer 

At mile 2 they were sitting still.  I decided that I would say hello to them.  They have a dog guard who did not like that idea.  They also had an escaped goat.  I couldn't help them because the dog was going to eat me.

The rest of the run consists of eating chews, swelling gu, and drinking power aid.  Walk breaks every two miles.  Deer crossings, saying hi to every bike rider and runner on the route.  And killing the run.  Here is my new favorite running song.
Okay I'm not going to be world champion and I'm not on a team.  But I love it.  I played it all of mile 13 today!