Thursday, August 7, 2014

Throwback Thursday Commoner Style

I rarely do Throw Back Thursday because I am always posting old pictures.  I decided however that I should blog some because I have a lot of pictures.  So I will pick some random ones.

This is me running this winter.  I barely look like I'm moving.
This is Rob the time we had the seats at the very TOP of AT&T Park.  I think this was three years ago.
This is Benjie when he was a brand new puppy.  This is 7 years ago.  He was SO CUTE!!!!!!!
This is my van almost 3 years ago.  This is when the Garbage truck hit me and then blamed me for it happening.
This is one of my cool Carleo relatives.  
This is my cousin Lori during one of my let's go to New York for a week and get crazy.  
This is my mother on her first holy communion!  She always looked the same.
This is the Jameson's Factory in Dublin.  Don't forget DO NOT SHOOT THE WHISKEY!! That's the problem with you Americans...
Brotherly bonding over video games...

Meghan and Rob the day she bought her car.  Two years ago I believe.

TBT to last week.  This bar is called Hurricane City.  The drink in the cup is a Hurricane.  This was the setting of the best night ever.  Yes that's Rob's Corona.  New Orleans 2014

Have a great TBT Ya'all