Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Commoners Go To The Giants Game

Kristen was on a fun tare for the last week of vacation.  Do we want to go to the Giants game she asked?  We all said "YES".  So Tuesday after work (we were back at let's get ready to rumble) We met at my house and off we went.

Let me tell the story through the pictures on my phone.

This park is the best place ever.  The Giants lead the Major Leagues in attendance and it's no wonder.  The park is an attraction in itself and the game is the background to all that makes it great.  These were our seats.

The first thing you do is eat the garlic fries.  You have to eat them it's a requirement.  Trust me on this.  Do it.  This guy turns out to be from New York and he was there to visit one of the players who is from the same home town as him.  He was showing pictures of the guy and text messages.  He made me swear to not say his name.  But don't panic the player was great.  I wanted Kristen to get this guys number-she didn't.
Ever since the time we dissed Fergie's dad I take strangers with connections at their word but with proof.  

We went back to our seats and watched the game.  See us watching the game?  The game was boring for 8 innings.  There was only one hit until then so we entertained ourselves with selfies.
The guy in front of me had ice on his shoulder.  There was no evidence he was hit with a foul ball. Our seats were under the cover.  You would have to be hit by a line drive.  This was random and I never figured it out.

More selfies.  Do you see behind me?  That was the popcorn stand. I kept asking the lady for free popcorn.  I kept saying just pass some over because we have to smell it and all.  She kept making this no nodding face which to me said.  Ask again later.  Unfortunately when she closed up we had left our seats to walk.
This is the garbage pail that is behind my seat.  You can see it in the selfie above.  It stunk and I had to be really careful not to lean my head back or that handle which was filthy would be my head rest.  I spent the whole game leaning forward-or on Beth.
Since no one on the field from either team was really playing we decided to go for a walk.  If you come to a Giant's game (and you must) don't forget to walk the park.  Do it first before you decide what to eat.  (The garlic fries are mandatory however).  We realized that the popcorn stand was keeping us warm.  It was a lot colder on our walk.
That's Angel Pagan on the score board.  He's very handsome with these deep dark eyes.  I was hoping Rosa would meet him.  I'm so good with setting my friends up with available people.
On your walk of the ball field (you could literally NEVER have to sit in your seat so buy a cheap one on your first visit) make sure to look at the water and the kayakers etc.  I think they left at this point because NO ONE WAS HITTING THE BALL. This yacht was cool.  If Rosa became involved with Angel Pagan we could watch all the games from a yacht.
We went back to our seats and guess what?  It was RALLY time!  The Giants had tied the game.  The Giants are having a rough season so that was something.  I had never noticed that people do this to their hats but they do and Beth was on it.  She kept it on even when the other team was at bat because it was working.  Apparently you aren't supposed to do this but I had never even heard of this before.

We made good friends with our usher and she told Beth you don't wear the rally hat when the other team is at bat.  So Beth switched it and you know what happened? The White Sox scored.  It's all about the mojo.
If the rally hat works don't take it off.

Did I tell you it was Grateful Dead night?  We missed it.  Well Beth didn't we dropped her and Rosa off at the curb and they made it to see parts of the Grateful Dead play.   Beth's a rocker chick.

That was it.  When you can go to a ball game at AT&T park you have to.  When people say what should I do in San Francisco I say go to a GIANTS game.  

Don't remove the rally hat though.