Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Commoner and the Ice Bucket Challenge

I have mocked the ice challenge since it's first go around which involved chugging bear and giving to the charity of your choice.  Then it came around again with rules and a focus.  I'm not making light of ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease.  Real Sports with Bryant Gumble (my favorite ever morning host) did a special last year about the guy who was the kicker for the Saints only a few years ago.  To watch him be destroyed by the disease who's cruelest aspect is that your mind never weakens even when your body no longer functions and your voice no longer works and you are very aware of what is going to happen to you.   Google Steve Gleason, read his story, weep -because you will- and then donate and dunk your head.  It's truly heart breaking.

So I never supported this challenge because the whole purpose seemed to be to not donate.  But for every one who does dunk ice there are probably 2 who donate.  And ALS is now being googled all over the world.

My cousin Gina told me she was going to challenge me -I said don't.  She didn't.  But then little Sophia a 4th grader whom I taught when I was in the classroom and who's family I love dearly challenged me and I had to do it.

So without further  adieu  my five favorite Bucket Challenges and please donate to this disease  or read the Gleason story and donate however you think best

  Ben and Jenn-because with the demise of Jay and B-they are my last favorite celebrity couple

The Rockets because they are awesome and I really wanted to be one.
David Beckham because he's not wearing a shirt

Derek Jeter because he's the captain

George Bush-because he's a lot of fun as an ex president. Come on admit it.

I would share mine with you but I don't know how to do it. Let's say it involved more ice than water, and was really hard to lift. So hard that I missed most of myself. 

If you are challenged try it-if you aren't donate-if you are donate-read about the disease. Count your blessings.