Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Things the Commoner Sees Running

One thing I have noticed about marathon training is that surprisingly I never get bored.  The time is warped and I actually never really know how long I've runned even when I am achingly aware of EVERY single mile.  One runner to entertain herself started making patterns of her running maps.

One woman mapped out her running routes so her Nike map would look like men's body parts.  I don't know how she had the time for this.   She's dedicated to her running for sure.

I'm always happy when I run.  I'm the runner who always smiles and waves at you because I'm happy to be out there.  It means I don't have an injury, I'm healthy, and somehow I have time.  So first thing of not being bored I'm looking for you so I can wave.  (Plus if I go missing you may be able to identify me)
So today started out as a mundane five mile run.  Except today there were some events that were interesting, terrifying, and unusual.  But luckily-no snakes.
First thing I noticed was a pack of runners coming my way.  I never see a pack of runners and I thought it might be the military but then I realized they were fire fighters.  That was fun!! I passed on the urge to turn around and run with them ONLY because I thought I could never keep up.
I actually got this picture from another runner's blog.  Apparently we think  alike.
 I continued on my run-the part where I pass my house and drop off my water belt before finishing.  Now I always have to be aware of people around me because let's face it-I'm a lone (I really find my running therapeutic and usually prefer it that way) and there are bad people out there.  I notice a guy walking his two dogs.  I'm worried mostly that he will steel my belt.  I leave it outside while I go for the rest of my run-so far no one wants my snotty water belt so it's been good.  He turns and goes back and I go okay lets run.

As I get closer I notice these aren't dogs. These are SHEEP!  And they are freaked out by me and start knocking over their teenage sheep walking dude.  Hello -my neighborhood is not a place of farms its a subdivision!  Plus I am not a native rancher I never know what's going on.  So I have to apologize and say I'm sorry are you walking your sheep?  Where are you from?  I'm sorry I made them mad. Good God walking a sheep.
Seriously I've seen it all.

I continued on my run and made a left turn when this car came careening around the curve.  I had to jump to avoid being hit.  That's great I started to think.  Hurray I have almost been hit by a car.  At least I know the hunky firemen are close by to save me.  Where are they anyway?
I sweat like crazy when I run.  TMI?  Sorry I do.  I sweat like a lunatic.  So the first drops I felt I thought were somehow my own.  But then I noticed it was actually rain drops!  Woo Hoo rain!! You know my trail needs that I'm actually excited.  Except when I look at the sky and realize I've seen that sky before -we could very well have lightening.  This forced me out from under the trees and into the street.

But I thought Hey if I do get struck by lightening there's help running around here somewhere!
Today's run finished off strong.  I'm excited about running. It is never boring I swear.
This song came on during my run.  I love it.

New Orleans Picture of the day
This picture is from outside O'Brian's in Bourbon Street.  Of course the Irish bar in town invented the hurricane.  If you go there drink one.  Then try and walk back to your hotel.  Good luck