Sunday, September 7, 2014

Random thoughts on an 18 mile run

See how crazy I was there?  No caps in the title.

Here are some random thoughts from my run.

18 miles.  Who runs 18 miles.  I don't even drive 18 miles.  Crazy People do that.

Where are the goats?

We are here so early the bathrooms are closed.  Now I really have to go to the bathroom.  My goal for the marathon is not to stop to pee so I am training my bladder but this is ridiculous.  Port a potty mile 2.
Boys of Summer.  That song means I'm running fast.  Isn't it ironic this song played on the radio on my first day at work this year?  Irony..  Keep running.
Lots of people seemed to be running faster than me today but these long runs are SUPPOSED to be slow!  It's okay super fast girls with the long hair.
When is Orange is the New Black Coming Back?  Should I rematch the last episode before I sit down to watch the new season-when it starts again?  KEEP RUNNING!!

My headband is so sweaty!  It's not even working any more.
I hope Joe gets me a discount on Microsoft Word for Mac.  Oh yeah I don't have a disk drive.  I must call Joe.  How many more miles?
I never even ever rode my bike 3 hours and I'm running for almost 4?  Really?  Stop the insanity.
Why do the trees look like it's November?  What month is it?  Drink so Power are.
My face is so dirty.  I should carry some of these.
I wish Bella had started running with me when she was a puppy.  Oh look at those Border Collies in the truck going to take care of the sheep!  I'm so thirsty.
I've silenced this voice!

When you reach the 9 mile mark of your run on my trail you come to a beautiful river or something.  It's cooling to look at it's fresh and people are fishing, and jet skiing on it. 

Not this year.  This year it looked like something out of one of those end of the world movies.  The drought is out of control.  To see the bottom of a river bed where people were boating last year? It's super sad.  I won't even curse the rain this year.  Except for on Fridays at 1 when I go over the hill.  For that hour no rain.

I also spent 5 miles trying to remember who played the Seahawks on Thursday.  I never did remember.  

One more long run.