Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Commoner's 20 mile run eve stress

The hall mark of any marathon training is the 20 mile run.  It's the pinnacle of all the miles.  The last big run before you start decreasing your mileage.  That's tomorrow and I'm scared.  Even though I 've done it.  Even though the 18 were easy and you get to go to a water fountain.

First of all the other day I banged my knee on a bench at school.  MY KNEE!!! Today it's sore and I'm sad.

That's not my knee.

I'm watching JayZ and Beyonce .  This concert was one week ago.  Now it's on TV she really is beautiful.
I hope these two really stay together for ever.  Maybe they will move into the white house when Obama leaves.  They are pretty good at everything they do.

That's all I have  I'll let you know how it goes.  The IPOD is all loaded and charged.

Hopefully my knee is just bruised.  Right?

20 20 20 20 miles.  I'll take lots of pictures to entertain myself