Saturday, September 27, 2014

Things you Might See Me do on a 20 Mile Run

20 miles is a long time to run by yourself.  About 4 hours!!
If you were on the path following me the whole time you might have seen me do some interesting things.
First thing I looked for the goats.  The goats had been my training fans (not their dog so much though) for the past month.  I would see them at two miles, 4 miles, and then on the way back.  They were gone.  There were no goats to jump in the way and cheer me on -no goat dog to chase me.

These runs are long and by design slow.  If you had seen me run you would have seen me get really mad that this group of hipsters were passing me by.  They weren't even fast.  If it had not been so early in the run I may have tried to stay with them.  I have a big ego.  But with a long run like this I had to let them go and feel like a slug.
I used to love the dragon flies at mile 4 but they don't exist anymore.  I blame it on the drought.  But we have these new creepy beetles.  They are really big and really gross.  There aren't lots but a few.  If you had been following me in my run you would have seen me do this hoppy dance thing every time i see one.
You would have seen me drink water.  You would have seen me eat gu and chews and scratch things and weird little stretches so my shoulders don't stop working. You may have heard me sing to a song or two.

You would have seen me stop to take pictures.   That's because I know I won't be doing any runs that take me this far out again.  

The top picture says no swimming or diving.  Last year there were people in boats swimming.  This year there is no river.  You can see that in the second picture.  It 's like the scene of the movie-one of those zombie ones.

The bottom picture is where I run through the electricity transformers.  I usually go super fast because I don't want it seeping into my body.

Anyway-the long runs are over.  That 20 miler was really really good.  I was fast and strong and generally unphased by it.

Unfortunately I was dragging all week.  But the marathon is in one month.  And the training has gone great.  And You know what?

These old legs are holding up well.

I'm glad you didn't get to follow me and watch me do some pretty gross things on my 20 miler.  But if you want to come to the marathon and watch or follow me there? That would be fun