Monday, August 26, 2013

The Commoner's Best Run Ever

Finally!  Finally!  I had a great run on the trail.  I ran 16 miles and I felt strong.  I have so many running coaches-more than I can list but I'll list some now...

Of course there's Coach Bob who runs every weekend with me and makes my training schedule

There's all of you on Facebook that cheer me on.

There's old cycling friends.

There were relatives.

There were runners who are teachers.

There's my Ortho Doctor the famous Dr. Cohen and my Physical Therapist Clint 

My cousin Pat I blame for getting me in this mess but he always gives such great advise. He gave the best advice.

I told him I was having trouble running fast.  He asked me why I was running fast and told me slow down-it's not about the speed, you aren't going to win the race or race at the elite level.  You are going to be on your feet for 5 hours.  Slow everything down.  And I did.

And I did.  I started cutting back on the mid week mileage and slowed them down.  Why?  Because I've been really tired.  I can't run when my body is tired all of the time.  Those training plans we use are for 25 year olds.  My body needs more rest.

 The run was perfect.  Those 16 miles were the best miles ever.  I ran-slow (actually went faster than I have in a long time), I sang to keep my breath, I stretched for my arms and I made sure to drink, chew, and gu along the way.

It was one of those runs where everything is perfect.  No fatigue and the perfect playlist.

I welcomed the dragonflys at Mile 4  (I consider them escorts) I smiled at EVERYONE I passed and most of all I did the craziest thing ever by any person ever.  I hope you don't think I was crazy.

I pretended I was Oprah and every mile I interviewed a different celebrity or person from history.   The last three?  They were all saints.

Next week I need to think of 18 more people.  

Is that crazy?  Crazy like a fox.  Bring on 18