Monday, August 5, 2013

The Commoner Goes on Vacation

This has been a fabulous summer.  Really one of the best.  It's pretty much over but what a way to go out-with a vacation we've waited a year for Newport Beach in Rob's coache's time share.

We were there for 7 days.  That's a long time!  Most of the time we rested and relaxed on the beaches or by the pools.  But I made sure that we ate.

Our friends from Georgia were with us and despite the fact they wanted me to cook.  I was like 'not happening'.  I did bring cereal and coffee for breakfast because the villa came complete with a kitchen.

So you've seen a lot of pictures simply from my run.  Let's talk about food!  Because nothing says vacation like eating out.

Orian and Skip were amazed at my need to constantly eat.  They kept up pretty well.

Sunday we were tired by the time we got settled and had Pizza Hut delivered to the room.  I know -not a great start but a start none the less.

Monday it was Laguna Beach where I searched for Lauren Conrad and her band of thieves.  Seriously a very cute town.  We ate at the Lumberyard.  I know I had onion soup-I think I had a sandwich.  I can't remember.  But I liked it.

Rob's boss recommended that we go to a Mexican Restaurant 'down the road'  it was called Javiers.  We didn't go there because Rob thought it was a place called Las Brisas in Laguna.  Such a beautiful place.  I loved it for the name and the fancy schmancy menu, the blond waiter who gave us a running map, and the mariachi guy who smiled for a picture I took which didn't come out.  Beautiful and fancy-just like Las Brisas Dr where I live (not)
 The next two days we went to PF Changs and the Cheesecake Factory.  You can not judge me because I don't have these very close to me so I like to go to them on trips.  They are both delicious places to eat.  You should go!

Finally we went to Back Bay Tavern in Newport.  This turned out to be a restaurant attached to one of my favorite places Whole Foods.  Turns out it's the first of many that Whole Foods has planned.  I have to say it was the best burger I've ever had and Rob's fish and chips was so generous he couldn't even make a dent.  Plus we were by the area where the valets park all the Lamborghinis.   

Turns out it's human nature to take pictures of Lamborghinis.

There's so much to miss about Newport-I can't even put it into words.