Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Commoner and Pinterest

I once wrote that I didn't like Pinterest.  That was before I realized there's a lot of running stuff on there.  Not only that but my running board is awesome and has a hundred and a lot of followers.  Runners are my favorite, well runners, and teachers, and cyclists, and family, and people I went to high school with.  But runners are great.

 It's fun to see what pops up on  my main interest page.  I'm not really sure what things merit that page but sometimes they are people who follow me or some sort of thing.  

So I went to my pinterest board to see what was there and I picked the first 5 to share with you.  It kind of gives a picture of me for you to have.

This is a group of flamingos in a heart shape.  It's pretty cool I guess but I'm not sure why I would like it or repost it.

Apparently someone likes peppers and eggs.  I like this.  I won't make it but I like it because it's pictures-no words, simple, and it keeps the egg from running.  I won't re pin it though.
I'm a big fan of these sarcastic things.  I post them all the time.  I won't post this one because I'm one of those people with bad grammar spelling on Face book.  I like it though.
This is a picture of something in Paris.  I'm not really sure I want to go to Paris.  Nothing against Paris but I'm getting old and resources are limited and there are so many other places I want to go.  I have a board about Ireland, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.  I don't have a board about France.

5 posts-not one re pin worthy and not one thing about running.

What do your 5 pins say about you?