Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Commoner Runs The Beach

Training for the Chicago Marathon has involved running in the following places-some of which hasn't happened yet.

I've run in Seattle, San Jose, I'll run on a Chicago trip and I've run in Newport Beach.  Of all of these-Newport Beach is my favorite so far
Since vacation makes blogging hard to get to I will give you the highlights of running on this trail for 3 out of the 4 days.  The 4th hasn't happened yet.  Each day was filled with adventure.

The above trail goes for about 3 miles -so it was perfect for our 5 and 6 mile runs this week.  

The first day we had no idea what was going on on this trail and it dead ended into a road that took you to a beach.  Despite Coach Bob's not wanting to junk up our run-I reminded him Dr. Cohen said running needs to be fun and we went to a beach where there was no one else.  I felt like I was on Lost

I loved running on the beach. I liked trying to not get caught by the waves with my fancy Asic shoes and I liked the diversion-Rob did not.  I told him that beach running was double credit he said no.

Coming back on the trail we were passed by a hoppy boppy girls volley ball team who seemed to be laughing and giggling their southern California selves as they ran right past us.
We ran there a few more times and here are the highlights.

On Wednesday I saw Lance Armstrong running.  He was nice -he said hello in both directions and yes it was definitely him.  I have mad celebrity spotting skills from racing in Central Park all those years.

But the highlight of the run was the next day when a reptile snake crossed our path.  Not just your suburban garden snake but a full on 4 foot rattle snake. 

I was about three feet from him when we spotted him. I instantly froze -started shaking and walked the other way.  As people started to come they all stopped-remained silent and let it cross the trail to the other side.  This is how I know it was a big deal and not just me making a big deal for once.

I went in the other direction.  I couldn't continue on that road.  Why would there be snakes on a beach?  Samuel L. Jackson what do you have to say about this?

I love it here.  I love all the runners that are out and how beautiful Newport Beach is.  I want to finish my marathon training here-it's Doctor's Orders really.  

Today I have to run 14 miles.  It includes Snake-Beach trail and a 2 mile uphill.  I've never run that far.  I'm scared.