Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Commoner Goes To Dinner

A few of my friends are finished working and are retired.  They do things like travel to Europe-in September, go to dog parks, take yoga, and basically live stress free.

About every six months one of these friends  takes time out of her busy schedule and we will meet for lunch or dinner.  I'm between semesters so this was a good time.  So she suggested -more like said let's meet at ELLA's 6PM.

I've been here before.  I've had some bad experiences.  Like this one.

But we met and I sat down with her and we ordered diet coke and wine.  No I didn't have the wine.  Then we talked about everyone that we knew.  Yes we did.  Except because you have to sit so close to other diners we had to use code names for people.

I'm so busy trying to figure out the code names that I don't realize we haven't even gotten our drinks or food and every one else is eating.  But Janet gets impatient and I'm just happy I don't have to be the trouble maker at our tables.  So she goes to find out........and then this happened.

I look up from my phone to see our waitress standing there looking at me and this was the conversation I'm not even lying.  (w=waitress, c=commoner)  Let me preface by saying it takes very little for the New Yorker in me to come out of hiding and into play....very little.

W-What did you order Chicken Picatta
C-surprised -tell me what I ordered you are the waitress
W-Chicken Picatta
J-what happened to our order
W-I forgot to put it in
C-maybe you should have written it down (no one writes down orders anymore)
W-I guess I should

Then I noticed that she was staring at me-mind you I never even had a problem

C-Why are you staring me
W-You look like you have more to say
C-stop being rude I want to see your manager
W-we're closing Sunday so there is no manager
C-I'm not surprised you're closing your service is terrible
W-still staring
C-stop staring at me you are making me mad
W-I'm not staring I'm looking
C-That's what staring is-stop it

at this point j decided to see how long dinner would take.  I wasn't so willing since A-the food is probably bad and B-she'll probably spit in it

W-you will have it in ten minutes

We laughed and then....we were scolded by the guy next to us who told us this waitress was probably worried about not having a job and we should give her a break...

WAIT  WHAT????? Maybe if this waitress did her job she would still have it.  But this guy definitely was bigger and stronger than me so that was all I said.

15 minutes later we walked out.  Because you know-the ten minute promise didn't pan out

I don't know quite what to say about this event.

We went to Kristinas or Georges, no parking
We went to some other cafe they were closing

We ended up at Cheap Seats.