Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Commoner Hits The Trail

Today was the first long run of the year.  9 miles.  9 miles is an awesome amount to run.  I've decided not to marathon run this year-except for the possible exception of NY if it will have me.

My weekday runs are never that fun.  I'm usually tired from working, it's either hot, windy, or dark.  But I do love them and running is always good.  Plus they are necessary.  Oh yeah and there are cars.
But on Sundays we drive to Morgan Hill and run the Coyote Creek Bike Trail-which is open to bikes, hikers, runners, and horses.  We all get along great.  I've done all my marathon training there and you can go forever because it links to all sorts of other trails in Santa Clara County.  Because unlike where I live-Santa Clara has figured it out.

So even though it was  this today

Siri said it was cold.  But I didn't over dress for once and I was on my way.  It's been cold all week, but I'll take cold any day over rain.  

Here are some things I saw

Lots of cyclist
A path to a pond that I never noticed
A big hill you can climb which is made of dirt
A woman training her Golden Retriever.  It was amazing.
A couple doing crossfit during their run
Women wearing great clothes and definitely hiking because they were carrying a water back pack-(smart idea-the problem with the trail is no water fountains)
Families riding bikes together

and this
This was at mile 6 (or 3)  it was so beautiful and green.  The trail had been dead for so long because of the drought.  The rain has really bought the trail to life.  When I want to complain about the rain I think about the trail because I love it that much.

I have a reputation for hating nature.  I don't hate nature I visit it every week-I just don't care for unrestrained nature.  I am aware that I am a visitor on this trail and it belongs to the animals and plant life that make it their own.  I'm lucky to visit there.

Plus I had one of those great runs where it feels like you are flying  (I never fly but it felt that way)  Maybe it was the shoes